Best Surface Phone Concept I've Seen So Far


I love this Surface Phone concept by Jonas Daehnert. The phone design is inspired by Surface 2; simple, yet elegant in every way. The designer says the phone has a 4.7 inch (119 mm) screen, which I think is the preface size for a phone. I also love the fact that designer kept the dedicated camera button on the phone. I would love to see the designer add an integrated kickstand to this concept somehow (If that makes since in such a beautiful phone).

I don’t like the fact that the Window’s logo is on the back since it’s already located on the front. I would also like to see the Back and Search button removed from the phone in favor of onscreen ones.

This design easily best the Lumia and iPhone designs, which are pictured next to the device.

What do you think about this design concept?

Is there something that you would add or remove?

What specs would you like to see in a Surface Phone?

More photos can be found here