Netflix conspiracy theory

Alright, this is really a thread complaining about the lack of profiles on Android so don't take it too seriously but how is it that pretty much every platform including set top boxes have profiles support yet android doesn't? My WDTV has profile support. Google TV has profiles support. I'm pretty sure the frickin Wii does (OK the Vita doesn't, lol) Their official response from months ago is "There will be a delay on Android and part of this is resources within the profile team" which seems like an incredibly flimsy excuse then they released an update in October that still doesn't have profiles support so I imagine other possibilities like some backroom exclusivity deal with Apple. I don't have any evidence for that other than recent stories that Apple has negotiated some kind of timed exclusivity for games. Sure there are many alternative explanations that could explain why they don't have that support but as long as the evidence is equivocal I'm going to hang on to my theory while my default profile recommendations and watched list are being polluted. Prove me wrong! :) (what I'm really asking is for someone to get into contact with them and get an actually good reason why it isn't supported yet).