Does anyone know a good pair of earbuds ?

Like the title says I am currently looking for a good pair of earbuds like the ones that ship with the iPhone.

And yes they have to be earbuds not in-ears for the following reasons: a. I still need to be able to hear what is going on around me when I use them and b. I they need to be comfortable when I am lying on one ear e.g. in bed. They should be better than the Apple EarPods and should be somewhere around 30$.

Does anyone have some recommendations? In addition it would be good if they had a remote control though that is not a must because the Nexus 4 only supports play/pause anyway.

Thanks for your help!

Thanks for everyones advice so far, I really appreciate it, but please note that I am explicitly for "Apple like" EAR-BUDS not IN-EARS. I already have a good pair of In-Ears however I cant use them outside to much because I feel uncomfortable not hearing what is going on around me. Earbuds do not have that problem because they do not sit directly in your ear canal.