My video demonstrating 4.4.1 shutter lag

Lots of people said I was trolling for pointing out that the shutter lag is still a problem in 4.4.1. I told people to move their hand after tapping the shutter, and in perfect internet form they freaked out instead of examining the facts.

Here is a video I made comparing the brand new Nexus 5 running a brand new (and further, a freshly updated) OS against a 2 year old phone on a last-gen OS. My point is to show that the shutter lag is still a present and important problem, which can cause you to miss shots, and which causes blur when the subject isn't perfectly still. The old phone is to demonstrate that this problem has been solved for years, and that Google needs to get their act together on their flagship device running their finest mobile OS, freshly updated, which is supposedly "made to capture the moments that matter".