Help Me Pick My Next Smartphone

Surprise, Surprise....I am a iPhone (5) user looking to switch to an Android device. I've narrowed my choices down to the following devices:


VZW Moto X

I've played with both and like them both equally. The One has it's plus and I'm leaning with that as I do a lot of media consumption on my device (Netflix, Hulu, Spotify) and a good screen is good on the go. But there's something that intrigues me about the Moto X. The size is very similar to the iPhone in "one-handed" use, so there's familiarity with that. I was a bit disappointed that the X wasn't much bigger than the iPhone, that being said, I do appreciate what Moto is doing with the X in regards to updates. I'll be making my choice tomorrow and would like some opinions from you guys, the Googleplex.


I've used Android a bit and know my way around Unix/Linux, so Android is comfortable for me. Please help.