Pleasantly surprised by Battlefield 4 (X1)

I pretty much picked this game up on a whim last night, as I was starting to tire of dead rising 3. I wasn't expecting much to be honest, and I thought I wasn't even going to bother with the campaign. Boy was I wrong. As jaded as I am by first person shooters, Man, this game is great. It's like modern warfare 1 all over again.

first of all, now that's 60 fps, it can finally (IMO) compete with call of duty. The story is pretty good as well, and it has call of duty-esque set pieces without being completely over the top. The graphics are pretty darn good too. Anyone on the fence between this and CoD ghosts, definitely get battlefield 4. I feel as if this is going to this generation's modern warfare, well, before MW3 came out and ruined it's image (IMO)

anyone want to play, add my gamer tag: Roughstack

I want to start a "the verge" clan or whatever the equivalent is for battlefield 4. Let's show them how real gamers play!

sidenote; my gosh this X1 controller is fantastic. Love it love it love it.