Desired MacBook Models (Opinion)

There are so many different models of MacBooks out there, and only a slight difference between each one. What i'd like to see is

A single MacBook Air Retina Display : 12"

MacBook Pro's Retina Display: 13", 15", 17"

For people that just want UltraPortable, the Air would be perfect

Someone wants something small but powerful? 13"

More Screen Real estate? 15"

For the power users that use macs for gaming/super editing/Love Big Screens? 17" and make the hardware powerful!

Some Thoughts:

I think a 15" macbook Air may be wanted? I know I could use something cheaper, lighter, and less powerful than a 15" macbook pro, the screen size would be useful when programming or light gaming, while keeping it pretty portable! But, I don't think the demand would be that high, since the retina MBP is still pretty small and light. But let me know your thoughts!

I know Apple discontinued the 17" MacBook Pros, and I'm not sure exactly why? but if sales were low, I know I see way more 17" MBP than I do Mac Pros... and I can see some people spending money for a 17inch especially since more games are becoming available to MacOS...It would have to come a decent price point though, over $2500 would be quite a bit... Maybe they can keep it at 1080p? idk