Problems with RT/WP merge. How will MSFT solve it?

I think we all agree that there are many problems with merging these operation systems. These include:

  • Two separated app stores - how MSFT will solve the problem of redundant or lacking apps for new combined Store? With separate apps for phones and tablets? (much different UI/UX and design language) What about phablets? New standards for desigining apps is almosu inevitable.
  • Usability and capabilities. WP on tablets, with limited file management, limited periferal support, etc... would be a step backward. RT on smartphones, with slow app launching would also be a step backward (what about low end smartphones?). So will RT or WP be the "core" of new, merged OS? For now, RT is much closer to Pro than WP.

What do you think guys, how will the new mobile OS from Microsoft look like? Will RT/WP hybrid be fully separated from Windows Pro like WP is separated from it now? Will the new OS be more on power/capabilities or simplicity/smoothness?

I, personally, prefer the "power" side.