I'm Really Loving full-screen Finder

As most of you know, Finder got full-screen support in Mavericks. At first, I didn't use it much, but you really have to discover how useful it is. Here's my setup:

  • I leave it running all the time now. It doesn't use any CPU at all, and it's just one swipe away.
  • By default, I leave it on "All my Files". Since I store all of my files in iCloud, it works really well.
  • Applications its just a shortcut away. It's faster than launchpad and it shows all of my Apps on one page.
  • Tags makes things a lot easier. Although it can be annoying to have to constantly add tags all the time, once everything is organized, it's really easy to find what your looking for.
  • Finder tabs are great as well. It's a lot like using Safari, only you are browsing your computer instead of the internet.
Does anyone else find full-screen finder really useful?