Get Vlad Savov on The Vergecast NOW!


...don't ask me how this would be physically done (I understand Vlad lives in Europe). Vlad has different perspectives on things, he goes well beyond a analysis, summary and evaluation of a news story or product...sort of like how Paul Miller does. And I particularly like how, when a discussion has been going on for a while and it has sort of diverged from the original point, he often steps back and looks at the whole picture and provides a convincing argument, summarizing previous points, supporting them (or contradicting them) with actual examples (dates, products...) and continuing to make his point (i.e. going further)

The Vergecast is one of my favourite pod casts period(.) I'm an intelligent guy and even after a week long of reflection on technology news I've read on The Verge, on Sunday, on The Vergecast there is always something that I have not thought about...something new...a new perspective often with a touch of humor (:fantastic). For me that is what the whole Vergecast is about, and I think Vlad would fit right in!

BTW, if other Verge reporters (apart from Paul and Vlad) are reading this, don't feel like I'm leaving anyone out, The Verge is a team...a damn good team for that matter, and a team needs all kinds of people - if everyone were good at providing new perspectives the Verge will be a hodge podge of ideas with no real value. What I'm trying to say is that this is just my opinion on a specific matter (new perspectives on podcasts) and I am in NO way saying that certain reporters are better than others. I don't know how to emphasize this enough. (perhaps using italics?)

Well...this is just my opinion and I understand it is hard to get someone who is half accross the world on The Vergecast, but mabye a one-time thing? on skype?...please. hahaha, anyways amazing work from The Verge as usual!