Suggestion: Change the review score to this

Change the score from your 100 point system to basically this:

  • Thumbs up: You like the product and can recommend it
  • Tumb sideways: There are some serious downsides with it and that's why you can't recommend it wholeheartedly - only fans or people who can live with the flaws should buy
  • Thumb down - This is so bad, the vast majority of people will be disappointed because of major flaws.

Why is this system better?
Who the fuck cares if a product gets a score of 8.7 or 8.3? The reviews on this site are very subjective (I don't think this is a bad thing btw), yet the score is on a scale of 100 different points. Why? I mean what's the point? Is this really supposed to be like oh reviewer X rated this Android Phone 8.8 but reviewer Y gave this other Android Phone 8.9 - so this is definitely the better phone and really everybody should buy the 8.9 one?

As I see it of course not. Phone 8.8 for example could have a better camera and if that's important to you than get that one. So the conclusion is both are excellent. Both can be recommended without a doubt - both get a thumbs up. Read the review and pick the one you prefer.

I have the feeling the only outcome of the current vast objectification of a very subjective opinion has only bad outcomes - fanboy wars and people who are mad and upset at the verge (source: look at the many many comments and forum entries).

Of course there will still be uproars when the next product X gets a thumb sideways/ down, but not anymore the: "you gave this an 8 but this other thing a 7 although it's clear that thats wrong because of Y" comments (which imo are from time to tome justified because the scores are weird sometimes, because they are subjective - this is not anandtech(which again is not a bad thing)).