iPhone 6 Mockup


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I decided to take a quick crack at mocking up a new iPhone based both on rumors and my own personal hopes. I started with the question - if Apple did a curved screen how would they do it? It had to be both simple and add somehow to the experience of using an iPhone. By curving the screen on the sides only, it creates a nice tactile feel for the many swiping gestures iOS 7 now uses. It also allow the device to still lay flat on a surface and allows a larger screen with visually smaller bezels. From this basic idea I came up with a simple almost obvious solution for the design of the chassis. My goal was to keep the dimensions the same as the iPhone 5 while sticking to realistic limitations of current screen tech.

Realizing the home button created a limiting factor I decided Apple may take the opportunity to switch to a capacitive home key. The whole bottom bezel would be touch enabled while the circle only serves as a target for Touch ID and single tap gestures. Swiping would allow the awkward double and triple button presses to move to a natural gesture. I think these gestures should be limited to system wide use. For example, while in an app, swiping across the home key would move to the next app in the multi-tasking menu. By also moving the top speaker to the chassis I created a single unbroken sheet of glass, reducing production costs. This would also reduce repair/replacement costs due to broken home buttons.

The screen itself would move to a 4.5" 1080p size and because of the new iOS 7 UI APIs apps would scale naturally. Any older apps could be scaled with minimal artifacts due to the increased dpi. Developers could choose to use the pixels to show more info or increase UI size based on their needs.

Besides updates to the screen the other major selling point will be a vastly improved camera experience. I think Apple will increase the sensor size and possibly go to 12mp (though I don't now if that's necessary). I think they could do more with stabilization and software options bringing it closer to dedicated camera options. On the video side, they need a better dedicated directional mic. I think a recording light is necessary for both remote use and privacy concerns. It could also serve as a notification light but I don't really see the need. To top it off a dedicated camera button in the right place will make this feel like using a real camera.

I realize nothing here is revolutionary but I think the sum of the parts adds up to a phone with no rivals on the horizon. The real key of course will be iOS 8 and hopefully much improved interface ideas to increase the functionality of the device. I believe iOS needs major work with both ease of use and 'power user' features. Keeping that in mind please keep comments focused on the hardware.