iPhone 5 vs 5S.

Hello Apple Guys,

I am a new member of this forum and posting here for the first time.

I plan to upgrade myself to the next iPhone, but I find it very confusing to chose between an iPhone 5 and an iPhone 5S as I seem to find better deals with iPhone 5 rather than an 5S since 5S is relatively new to market.

I am very impressed with Touch ID, a better camera and I have heard about new coprocessor features in 5S which will prove great in future. Also 64 bit processor would mean I get future iOS upgrades, when Apple stops supplying updates for their 32 bit processors.

All in all 5S looks like a thing for future.

Is a good deal for 5 better than 5S? How much of an upgrade is 5S compared to 5? I would also love to see some camera shots taken with 5S and 5 in real life to understand how much of an upgrade 5S is, compared to 5 in terms of camera performence.

Thank you for reading my post.