Moving from iOS to Android

Hey guys,

As a long time iOS user (never, EVER owned any other mobile platform device), I've decided that for the next couple of years, I'd try something else.

The only viable option for me is... wait for it... Android.


Both my dad and my mom own Windows Phone 8 devices, so I've already decided that...

... It's just not for me. It's pretty bland as an OS (It's just my taste. I have a terrible attitude towards things I find not suited for me, like things stuck to my shoe soles, couch pizza and anything my ex would cook. If I had an ex. Or even a girlfriend. Or a friend. Sorry, what was I saying?), and some of the UI choices have left me gritting my teeth (huge headers in a smalll-ish 4.3 inch screen, for example), as have the conspicuous lack of some features like orientation locking.

Now, being an iOS user has left me with few options. iOS 7 has finally started to grow on me, but 6 still has my heart.Scotandjony_medium

Either way, I'm very used to a device not showering me with a clusterfuck of options and settings (Samsung. My advice to you, going by experience, iOS users especially, STAY AWAY FROM TOUCHWIZ. As opposed to a CM'd S4.) or blandness, or even worse, ugliness (same example.). I want a device that's smoother than Pierce Brosnan was with the ladies, in his prime.

That, again, narrows down the list. Stock Android with middle to high end specs, or something tolerable like HTC's Sense or Sony's Timescape skins in a top-of-the-range device.


I don't need the remarkable battery life of a Note 3, or a camera that's from an iPhone 5S (the 1020 doesn't count.).

All I want is a smooth Android device that'll STAY THAT WAY, and with moderate to adequate features. Oh, and I almost forgot, I'm on a strict budget. No more than $400 are to be spent, off-contract. So as much as I wish otherwise, the HTC One is off limits

That leaves me with just three choices: The discounted Moto X, the Nexus 5 and the Moto G, in order of preference.

Now, seeing as how my budget extends to the relatively high-end models that are the Nexus and the X, we can safely assume that I'm dropping the Moto G.

So after my long and pointless rant about my lifestyle, my culture, my religious practises and my questionable well-being of mind, all I ask of you is this:

Given these circumstances (my evident lack of sanity notwithstanding), what would you, as a fellow iOS user, do in my place? Aside from stick to iOS, that is. It's a bit beyond my budget.

The Google Nexus 5, or the Motorola X? These two phones are contending for my attention, and I would much appreciate it if you thought to help me make this decision.

Thought you could get away? Here's part two.

After months of contemplation, you've bought an Android device. What would you do with it? After all, it is very different at its core, so if you'd like to, I'd be happy if you'd chime in with advice on what icon packs I could use, what apps I could download to make up for that sad void that comes into being when you know you can no longer burn through the minutes with Infinity Blade III? Epic Citadel... I don't know.Epic_citadel_screenshot_medium

That's it. I'm done. Thanks for reading, please do leave a comment. Cheers!