email to parents regarding their choices for a laptop replacement ... what have i missed / got wrong?

I have no answers but options:
the option that i wanted to suggest was the nexus 10 (£300 - 350):
which would be a good option. it is android and basically like a large version of your phone. it can have all the apps. you need and connect well with phone. you can create documents on google drive just like in word and excel etc.
so this is a good option, but it is now a bit out of date and everyone is waiting for the updated version which would be more future proof.
i would expect it out in the next few months and promises to be very good.
the problem with getting any tablet is that it will only be 32gb of storage and unlikely to be very easy to backup and update your photos across. Documents and files are ok because thy would be stored in the cloud. And it is this that i would suggest for you photos.
for example you could get a flickr account and they will give you 100gb of photos storage for free. so you could upload all your photos and keep them organised, and then when you take photos on your phone they get automatically uploaded and stored.
the only problem would be if you intend on using a separate DSLR camera - in which case i think you can upload onto android tablets via usb (i think) and then upload from there.
otherwise would have to do it at work or get dave to do it. pretty simple workarounds.
you might also want to buy a wireless keyboard / stand thing for any serious typing, though the onscreen would be fine for almost everything.

as the nexus 10 isn’t out you could go for a samsung or sony alternative which i can look into but i wouldn’t recommend.
you might actually know and like the samsung interface on your phone, but it likely isn’t the best solution in reality. the nexus stuff is run by google and made very simple and clean which is valuable.
technically you could get a nexus 7:
which has been received very well and is a lovely thing - its also very cheap and great quality - but it is small and will not really replace a laptop - but it might be all you need.

you could also go for a chrome book:
in which case i might suggest this as a very cheap but acceptable option:
(£200 ish)

these devices are very cheap and have been very popular. they are incredibly simple and stable and will have no viruses and always be up to date. They are in some ways like an android phone or tablet, but run on a separate system called chrome (just like and based on the internet browser).
the problem with chrome books is that because it is basically just a browser it doesn’t necessarily have all the apps you are used to. i don’t think you can get Skype on them. but you can use googles hangouts alternatives which is actually slightly better in my opinion - although there aren’t as many people using it.
So there are positives and negatives to these.

or you could go for a new windows 8 thingy which i would suggest the surface 2 (£350) :
you will need to buy a keyboard cover thing which are about £40 i think.
there are some very good points to these, but they come with problems. they are far more heavy and bigger than the nexus 10 for example. imagine it like a small lightweight laptop that is all contained in the screen so you can use it as a tablet, and then you stick a keyboard onto it when you need it.
the windows 8 stuff is pretty new and the software is only just catching up.
I think that you are paying a lot for not much advantage over a nexus 10

or you could go for a new crazy windows 8 option such as nokia 2520:
very interesting and beautiful - but perhaps expensive and unproven. also not certain about the long term stability of nokia tablets and whether they will get updates and support as simply as the straight windows surface option.

I basically wouldn’t bother with any ‘normal’ windows laptop at this point. i think that you can’t afford anything worth buying and frankly don’t need the things that a more expensive machine might offer.

or technically you could go for an apple solution like iPad air or mini
both available for under £400
problems being the compatibility of phones and tablets without a normal laptop or desktop to talk between them is uncertain - though probably possible.
it will be very simple experience to run and you will always have great customer support and opportunities to go in to the stores and get help in running and using it for free. not something you will get with the other options - but perhaps not that important.
iPads are likely to be perhaps more future proof than google tablets and might last 3 to 4 years being totally useable.
I would suggest that the google tablet options might only be really useable and enjoyable for 2 to 3 years which is worth considering when thinking about costs vs benefits etc.

so basically i had been thinking of recommending you to get the new nexus 10 when it comes out …. but it hasn’t yet …. so thats the situation and the options.
sorry that isn’t clearer, but that is the problem with the user market you live within. the compromises have to come somewhere.
hope this might be useful.