VGX 2013 wtf?!?!?!

I did not actually see the the entire 3 hour live stream. I did watch some YouTube compilations of the cringiest moments. It seems like the producers just did not care. I have no idea if past VGAs were any better but it seems they probably were. I just I find it hard to understand that someone can produce something with such little care or thought. From what I have seen I actually enjoyed the moments where Joel McHale went off topic and just stated things about the production. Like: "Oh now I'm just going to move as much as the cameraman does". I feel like he honestly thought "That people that made this don't care about this so why should I?" I commend him for that.

I just I don't know, it seems like it was a train wreck from start to finish. I don't know how I putting my thoughts together here I am honestly just:


I hope they make it better in the future.