Why I'm going all digital this generation.

This generation I've decided switch to all digital. Fast switching and not worrying about scratched discs are awesome, but for me the switch was for a different reason altogether.

I happen to live a multiple Xbox household (I've got one in my room, and another one for the kids). During the past generations whenever a game came out if I bought a game I'd have to play it first then give it to the kids (or vise versa) and in the case of games like Halo or Gears of war I'd have to buy 2 copies if we wanted to play online (at the same time)

Now with the X1 we no longer have this problem. (Even after the big 180) When I buy the games digitally my kids are able to play them at the same time as me. And I don't even have to be signed into their console. This is a total game changer for my household. Furthermore I've got 2 friends that also have X1s. When I'm at their house I can sign in and play my games on their consoles

(hint: for those wondering the way to let another console play your games even when you're not signed in is to set that console as your home console in settings then you can sign in on any other console and play your games at the same time)