Hey Microsoft! What's up?

If anyone else is reading the tea leaves, there seems to be a lack of significant 'official' information about the Surface Pro before it's release. Really, it doesn't make much sense unless you had something significant planned...

Speculative me bets that there's still a pre-order on it's way. Microsoft has yet to deny a pre-order and has tight-walked their way around denying it. Here's what I believe we're still waiting for:

1. Preorder

2. Manufacture's rated battery life (rumor / confirmations of 5 hours)

3. Processor stats (Tom Warren and Paul Tharott confirmed the 3317U if I remember right)

4. Memory speed (I know many people don't really care)

5. Office 365 inclusion (confirmed trial by Tom Warren - how long is unknown)

6. Packages / Bundles

7. Reviewers 'all clear' day to post their reviews

8. Wacom compatibility stats

9. 'More' official declaration of free space.

On a side note, it appears that Staples accidentally listed the units up for sale today for less than 20 minutes... Makes me suspect that all 3 companies may allow pre-orders.