Feature Request: Compare Surface Pro vs Thinkpad Helix

Update: This is a feature request to the compare tool in the product database. Currently Windows 8 devices are split into several categories that cannot be compared. This is not ideal for devices like the Surface Pro and Thinkpad Helix.

I want to be able to compare the Surface Pro to the Thinkpad Helix with the compare tool in the products database. This is not currently possible. The Surface Pro is in the tablet category and the Helix is in the laptop category, yet these devices are clearly very similar. As ridiculous as the Microsoft tribe post comparing the Surface Pro to the iPad and MacBook Air was, there is still an issue with Windows 8 devices being forced into separate categories from each other. Not sure how to resolve this assuming that the current system places products in to one category.

Additionally, it would be nice if the compare tool used a more grid like format so that I could glance along a line and compare each devices thickness, weight, etc. more quickly.