How to watch live TV?

I cut the cable cord a few years ago. I have a Mac mini that runs Plex and I use that to watch my video collection. I also use it to view Netflix, Amazon Instant video, and Hulu. This year my wife and I are hosting an Oscars party so I need to figure out a way to get live TV into our living room. Our TV is a Pioneer Kuro 500M and it doesn't have a tuner. What would be my best option in terms of HD tuners. I know I could get something like an HDHomeRun and integrate it into my Mac mini setup. I could also get a Boxee TV and use the tuner built into that. It seems like the Boxee TV hasn't received the best reviews, but if I'm just using it for live TV I'm wondering if it will be sufficient. I'm open to other suggestions as well.