I think Steve Ballmer needs to be replaced

I personally think Steve Ballmer needs to be replaced, Microsoft , specifically , needs fresh air, and a more qualified CEO. ( not trying to troll, it's just my personal opinion )

I came across this comment on a tech site, and it has some pretty valid points.

"We saw Windows Mobile sales drifting downwards, and finally crashing when Ballmer announced its successor, Windows Phone 7. But WP7 sales slumped. Ballmer should have been shown the exit then. Now, the failures just keep rolling out, one after the other. Ballmer now says Surface tablet sales are only "modest".

Ballmer is a competent manager, but he's not of the caliber to be CEO of a company like Microsoft. It's a job that requires vision, beyond just managing. It requires someone who can look ahead and predict the future in technology. It requires someone who can look at different technologies and bring them together in a new product."

If i may add anything to it, is the fact that Microsoft has been playing catch up with basic functionality like a rotation lock for quite a while, I love Windows Phone, I do, but it's all of those minor annoyances that ruin up the overall user experience, i don't mind apps, cuz eventually they will make it to the platform.

Anyways, Microsoft really needs a new CEO, I think Sinofsky was slowly approaching that position and all the pressure coming from Ballmer that saw him as a threat made him leave.

Any idea about who would be better as Microsoft's CEO?