Dish Network vs Time Warner? ...

We've been Dish Network customers for about 14 years and have generally been pretty happy (I think we have the 200 channel package). My only gripes are losing the MSG and SNY sports networks. We have the 922 DVR with built in Sling and absolutely love it. Great DVR.

But we're open to the idea of switching back to Time Warner if the channels we want are there and the price is right. Since we already use Time Warner for RoadRunner we though maybe we could save some money if we bundled services?

I've tried calling Time Warner a couple times to find out how good their DVRs are, and how they compare to the Dish 922, but I never really get a straight answer.

Unless the TW DVR is now as good as Dish's I probably don't want to switch, and might even move up to the Hopper DVR.

Anyone here have experience with both? Or words of wisdom?

For what it's worth, we currently have two HDTVs and might add a third this year.

Thanks VERY much in advance,