From Apple's Perspective

I was disappointed with iOS 6 initially. Nonetheless, as I experienced the entire iOS 6 for a few weeks, I started to both understand and appreciate Apple's approach. You see, they didn't intend to make iOS 6 feel like a 5.2 update. They didn't intend to make iOS 6 merely a default-maps-changing-update. As far as what I've experienced, I think Apple wanted to add more features and refine the existing features such that everything feels cohesive and familiar. Familiarity is essential for iOS because it's the reason people keep buying one iOS device after one another. They also tried to benefit the user while requiring the minimum effort from the user, like App Store banners in Safari and Phone reject options.

More importantly, Apple developed iOS 6 bearing in mind that every single change they make in iOS is going to affect hundreds of millions of users. So you see, things aren't as simple as many online critics pass it off as. Apple is conservative and scared to make changes, huh? When its job is to improve on a mobile OS that hundreds of millions of its valued customers are using everyday with an industry-leading satisfaction rate, it has to be conservative. Apple understand that even if it tries to change a lot of things for the better, its existing users are not going to like it. User interface is all about balancing between familiarity and new features/changes. An iOS update can't be overwhelming. Because when a user is overwhelmed by too many changes, or shift in comfort level with the software, it's likely that they will be unsatisfied. So there's a higher chance they will switch to another platform all together.

So, iOS 7... will continue to be a reflection of Apple's "unnoticeable/conservative" approach to software updates. It doesn't show that Apple is afraid to change it or doesn't want to improve it at all. It shows that they deeply care about changing anything about it.

I am not saying you can't want it to improve. I am advising you that you should want it improve the way it has been improving. You shouldn't be hoping for something that is different from the underlying philosophy of iOS.

Please bear in mind: iOS is not boring. Many people are just bored by iOS.