My MSFT update, winRT/win8/WP and more

Hi Guys,

Sold my surface RT. I loved the device but the kindle app absolutely sucked on it.

Kindle is one of my biggest use cases for a tablet. I just could not justify the price of the surface.

Getting a kindle paperwhite for now and waiting for gen 2 devices to come.

One thing the surface did was ruin all other tablets for me,I cannot get a nexus 7 or a ipad or even a kindle fire now as they seem really restricted now. The future of tablets is surface, they just need better execution now. (They meaning 3rd party app developers: msft gets a 10/10 for the surface)

Good news is I got a nice 400 $ win 8 ultrathin with an AMD processor, so I have my dose of win 8 for other things like office , coding etc.

On the win phone side I am eager to see what the next update is. I am hoping for

1) Notification hub (for grey notifications) so that live tiles can be used for what is most important

2) Folders or some form of app grouping mechanism (something like win8 would do just fine)

3)A little more customization

meanwhile I am going to go give BB10 a shot, not letting go of my lumia 920 though might carry two phones for sometime and see which one wins !!

What are your thoughts on

1) Kindle on win8

2) next wp8 update

3) BB10