My thoughts on Android

Hi Guys,

I thought I would share my Android frustrations with you and get your thoughts on them. Before I do I would like to clarify that I have a Lumia 920 as my primary device right now(not for long though -> Z10 in march)

So lets get started, I like to try out different devices with different OSs and change phones/tablets roughly every 4-5 months

After using all these devices ( iphone 4 / droid razr / htc hd7 / galaxy s3/ nexus 7/ hp touchpad/ glaxy tab 10.1/ ipad 2/3 /lumia 920/ surface rt)

I found Android to be an underachiever. It offers sooo much more than its rivals and yet falls short in some key areas ..

lets start with hardware, OEMs suck they make android unstable with their useless skins and ruin the whole experience, If I want a nice stock android device my only option is nexus 4. I mean the OS that sold 500 million devices last year only has one stock android phone that doesnt have LTE which is a deal breaker for me.

They need to find a way to deliver stock android to the masses, here is hoping moto X does that.

next apps: I do not use any google services and dont care about maps as I never use it so what I am looking for is a good native music app (google music should launch a 9.99 a month streaming option) Spotify dint meet my requirements on any platform (ios/msft/google). Right now xbox music is the best in my opinion even thought the app sucks!!

Some consistency among different apps, widgets are cool but most of them are just as unreliable as the live tiles on wp8 and do not have UI consistency. One of the reasons I am considering the z10 is that it has a RTOS at its core, which means the most reliable notification system even though it does not come even close to the power of the android notification center.In my opinion more reliable wins over better implemented but slightly less reliable.

In my opinion the things android needs to do

1) Focus on stability (They are the feature kings so they can stop adding features and start focusing on better stability)

2) Stock android hardware (somehow please)

3) better quality control on nexus devices

Number 3) is very important. My nexus 7 sucked becasue Asus screwed up the manufacturing. Loads of others have complained on this forum about their nexus 4's. They need to fix this!!!

What do you guys think ??