Location services battery drain in 4.2

I've had a Nexus 4 basically since launch, before that I was using a GSM Galaxy Nexus with no trouble.

Ever since I got it I've been experiencing very consistent battery drain issues: if location services are on my battery life is drastically reduced, with some combination of Maps and Google Services taking up upwards of 40-50% of battery life (on some days Maps alone will take up 35%) - this in spite of the fact that I almost never use Maps.

I've taken to turning off location services and GPS (turning off just GPS but leaving location services on seems to cause Google Services to explode as a proportion of battery life, no idea why), and my battery life is very solid - I have a Nexus 7 that I carry with me most places so my Nexus 4 doesn't get much screen on time. I can get upwards of 20-24 hours on a charge with location services off.

Also, and this may be related: when I walk from my house to campus or vice versa while leaving the wifi on it will frequently fail to connect to the new network until I toggle wifi off and on again.

On my Nexus 7 Maps tends to take up about 10% of battery life, which is more than it should but not so egregious.

I know I'm not the only one having this problem - a friend of mine has described a similar phenomenon. My worry, though, is that this is just Android "working as intended" and not a bug per se - keeping track of where I am all the time requires a lot of battery life, I'd imagine. Is there any hope that Google will fix this issue?