This is my next: BlackBerry Q10

I know I'm gonna get a bunch of heat for this...

So the first smartphone I ever owned was a BlackBerry Tour. Was it perfect? No. No WiFi. No new/sexy apps. It needed to be restarted daily, which took 20 minutes. Little to no storage space.

But that phone made you feel powerful. Everything was at your fingertips, the shortcuts, that keyboard (oh...the keyboard) and its small light frame made it the best little communication partner. The battery lasted forever. And it was indestructible. I dropped it off a second floor porch onto the ground below. Small scuff or two. Otherwise, perfect. Lets see your naked iPhone pull that off.



More than anything, I felt like that phone was mine. Everything was a quick type on the keyboard and a scroll ball away. There was no petty fights over Exchange info being taken away. I could get every account I needed on there (3 emails, plus all my IM's) and there rarely was a hiccup to speak of. It worked with almost everything I wanted it to.

After 2 years with my BlackBerry, I moved on to a Sidekick 4G, only for the keyboard. I was blinded by it. It was as close to the Tour's as I could get that had a semi-modern OS, but never considered the tradeoffs. I had a lot of luck with it, it was pretty bulletproof, wasn't too buggy. But something was missing. I never felt like that phone was truly mine. All the functions were hidden under the Android skin. Want to call/text/email someone? After 5 to 10 swipes and presses, you finally were at the contact and could text or call them. You had to search and work to do anything productive. And the battery life? Oof.

The Nexus 4 I have now I really really like. A lot. There's less bugs, I've had good battery life, and despite dropping it a half dozen times on multiple surfaces, no cracking (knock on wood). Its close. I can do nearly all of my day to day work on it, and its been rock solid. Its as close to the BlackBerry as I've had. I like it a lot.

But again, something is missing. It's the searching. The immediacy. I've added shortcuts to my most contacted people to call, email, text. That swiping, hunting, and tapping just doesn't mesh with my brain somehow. Not to mention I'm constantly terrified of dropping the damn thing.

When I saw the Q10, I was reminded why that Tour was my favorite phone. Its the exposed keyboard. I can find anything immediately. Type out someone I want to call/text/email. No hunting, or pecking around. It's less work for my brain get to something. webOS Just Type, anyone??



I work and live in an environment were immediate communication is the primary function of my phone, not apps, games, etc. The battery (hopefully) will be just as robust, along with the build and drop resistance. And there won't be any goofiness with RIM trying to block competitors from putting their communication tools on it. They'll make every effort for it to work with everything.

I'll keep my Nexus 4 for the time being. Its really really a great phone. But when the Q10 is available, preferably unlocked, its mine. While many reading this will say well the apps suck, and there's no big name games or trendy new apps to use, I'm in that minority that doesn't need those. I don't have any on my Nexus 4 now anyway. I need a tool that helps make my day easier so my brain isn't distracted by hunting for stuff that I know is right there. If this little guy can match that immediacy, there's no other choice for someone like me. Bring it on 'Berry. I'll be in line on day 1.