Crashplan: How did I just get 214.8Mbps upload with Time Warner Cable?

Can someone please explain this to me? I moved recently, and was forced to switch from FIOS to Time Warner Cable. I went from FIOS 50Mbps Down/25Mbps Up plan to Time Warner Cable's shitty 15Mbps Down / 2Mbps Up plan.

Anyways, I am in the process of uploading 1.1TB of data to my crash plan, which is about 1 month in. I've been getting a pretty painful average of 1.8Mbps upload speed, and at this point I'm halfway there. I have another 25 days to go.

All of a sudden, today on my day off, I noticed my upload speed going from 2Mbps --> 25 --> 100 -> 150 --> 214.8Mbps. My upload time went from 25 days to like 5 hours! This was amazing, I was watching the data upload to the cloud at amazing speeds. Then alas, I feel back down to a painful 1.9Mbps upload.

My question is, how the hell is this possible? It is a friday, around 12PM, and I live in a pretty big 24 story apartment building. My building is all working people, so I'd imagine I am one of very few people on the internet. That said, is it possible that I was really getting 214Mbps upload? The data was going very fast! If so, and this wasn't a glitch, then how come Time Warner Cable can't offer speeds higher than a pathetic 5Mbps?

Can anyone answer this curiosity?