Half Offline; living with a dumbphone

I had owned a Samsung Galaxy S 2, but I cracked the glass and when trying to repair it, cracked the screen too. For 26 hours, I was phone less, I could still receive and send texts through my browser thanks to android lost. but other than that, completely phone-less.

I went to Phones4U and bought the cheapest phone I could, a Nokia 100. Its a phone, it sends texts, makes calls, stores numbers and plays snake (there is a built in flashlight, which is cool too). But it is just a phone.

The Bad

I tell you all of this, because I find it strange how dependent we are on smartphones. For a few weeks now, when I want something done I instinctively pull out my phone to Google it or check my bank balance or emails. Only to be reminded that I have to walk home to my computer to do it. When I am bored waiting for a lecture to start I would usually do some work or catch up on the news, now I play snake (which I am getting pretty good at by now). Even in the first few hours of being phone-less I wanted to check the time and would go to the the broken S2, even though I was wearing a watch. When something cool happens, I just have to remember it instead of taking photos.

The Good

However, having my cheap and useless phone has achieved some good. It's great to go out to a club or bar and not worry about my phone disappearing at the end of the night, because it was only a tenner. When I am done texting someone, I can just drop it in my coat pocket, because it weighs nothing and won't get in the way. I pay way more attention in lectures because there are no distractions.

So having a dumbphone, is a hindrance and a help. But I bought a Nexus 4 a few days ago and can not wait to get back to the real world, where I can be online all the time.