:Am I The Only One Here: Who likes big phone screens?



I have small hands and I just don't see the problem. I don't plan on buying any more phones with under 4.7" screens. Having said that, I'm not sure why I like them so much exactly. Maybe It's because I'm long-sighted (even with contacts in) so I can't really appreciate a smaller screen with a higher pixel density, because if I move the screen close to my face everything just blurs. - I would rather have a bigger screen (slightly) further away. With regards to form factor, I have small hands (with a reasonable reach due to years of guitar playing, a 9th on a piano). I can manage my Nexus 4 just fine.

So, for those who like their phones man-sized (*makes popcorn in anticipation*): why? Why do you find it better than a smaller phone? What pros outweigh any cons?