@Netflix subscribers - Do you stay subscribed even when not watching content or do you only sub when you want to see bursts of content?

I was curious about this now since house of cards will probably bring a good chunk or new subscribers. But what is the nature of most subscribers? Are you the type that wants to maximize value and only subscribe when you want to see large chunks of content? (A similar phenomenon for HBO would be waiting to subscribe until the tail end of a season of game of thrones for one month and watch the entire back catalog for the season without paying for multiple months)

Or do you just pay the monthly fee and stay subscribed, even when you get busy or are not watching netflix heavily or at all?

The netflix model of releasing all the episodes at once makes it very easy for people to get massive burst of content without actually subscribing longer than a month. So is churn for that type of company and model much greater than say, cable or a premium channel like HBO where they follow the content drip feed strategy to keep subscribers around?

Personally, I stay subscribed long term, even during periods where I am not watching netflix at all. My justifications for that decision are as follows:

-It's an infinitesimally small upkeep cost to have around

-I have taken advantage of so many season sized chunks of binge content I still feel as though I've gotten more than my moneys worth.

-I want the company to be more prosperous and successful because they beef up the balance sheets of the types of shows I like - serialized content that sometimes has a harder time landing a large enough audience to survive. I have read industry stories about certain shows I enjoy being well received, but so expensive that the show is in the red - only to be put back in the black once they sign a content deal with netflix.

That last is incredibly important - my viewing habits have changed and commercials are harder and harder for me to stomach, but my change in habits multiplied over millions of people mean there are fewer eyeballs for ad dollars that prop up many of the serialized shows I like. Continuing to pay for netflix allows me to put SOME resources back into the shows I enjoy, indirectly. So even if I am not watching something this month or next month, knowing some of my subscription dollars go to license previous seasons of shows I watch, and therefore increasing the chances those shows stay around longer, is a good indirect investment. It's sort of karmic for me, since I circumvent the desired ad views watching new shows, I can at least support a company that pays the show owners directly.