The 4 inch Phone Issue

People want a 4 inch flagship Android device. They want the specs of a Galaxy S3 in the body of something like the Mini. We ask why this isn't happening. Do you know why this isn't happening?

Android is the problem.

Let's look at the iPhone 5. It's got a 326 PPI screen, extremely fast A6 processor, all in a body under 8mm. And yet, it has great battery life. Now, let's consider 4 inch Android phones. They have lower resolution screens and slower processors. Both the 4 inch Android phones and the iPhone 5 have similar batter sizes. In fact, the iPhone's battery is smaller than most Android phones. So, how can Apple's phone survive so much longer? Optimization.

Apple is in control of everything. Everything is optimized to work extremely well on very specific hardware. Android is the exact opposite. Android is meant to work on everything. The iPhone can have great battery life because Apple has designed it from the ground up. If you were to take Android and slap it in the iPhone, the battery life would suffer.

If you people want smaller Android phones with premium hardware, you people need to go yell at Google. Tell Google to optimize Android for battery life.

There is no doubt in my mind that the engineers at Samsung, HTC, Motorola, etc. could manufacture something like the iPhone. The problem is, with their current software and hardware offerings, it would be a disaster. We would have the HTC Thunderbolt battery life all over again.