Just returned the VivoTab Smart

still have not found the ideal windows 8 tablet. Just returned the Asus VivoTab Smart...


good performance - feels faster than my iPad 3 for day to day tasks

good battery life (standby was a bit weak, but for most activities I would say 8-10 hours of operation time)

cheap for 64gb - $500

solid physical hardware, the soft touch plastic feels great, weight is only 580


micro usb is under powered, can't start my portable hard drive...i know the thinkpad tablet2 has this issue as well

slow eMMC memory. i never thought this would matter to me, but i can't download a torrent while watching a movie at the same time. it's very frustrating

unstable - sound dies at least once a day for no reason, forcing me to restart. random freezes everyother day.

flash (for videos) is default in the browser and occasionally lags, also it isn't very finger friendly...i can't believe html5 isn't default for the modern IE10, and i have no idea how to enable it for sites like youtube.

I'm still very hopeful for the win8 tablets. Going to buy my Dad the Surface Pro later this month for his birthday. Stability is key though, don't disappoint MS!