You WILL use Modern apps

When I upgraded to Windows 8, I swore I would never use the new apps. I even reverted to Windows 7 and used Ubuntu for a while, but I've come back to Windows 8 and I'm finally comfortable with it. But this is my point. For someone who said he wouldn't use Modern apps, look at my Start screen :



There are only 3 desktop applications there, for everything else, I use the Modern apps. So what made me change my mind ? I found that the Modern apps are far more immersive and intuitive than desktop applications. Sure, they're designed with touch in mind, but they really do work great with traditional input too.

The main point of this post is, just to say that no matter how much you think you won't, you WILL use the Modern apps available in Windows 8. Maybe not at first, but eventually, I think all Windows 8 users see the beauty of the new apps available to them.

Let me know your experience below.