Why everyone is judging Surface Pro by Apple standards?

You can do it this way:

  • Surface Pro is thicker and heavier than iPad
  • Surface Pro has worse battery life than iPad
  • Surface Pro is less comfortable on your laps than MacBook Air

Or that way:

  • Surface Pro is lighter and thinner than MacBook Air
  • Surface Pro has comparable battery life to MacBook Air
  • Surface Pro has much more comfortable keyboard input than iPad
  • Surface Pro is much faster, powerful and versatile than iPad
  • Surface Pro has digitizer


Microsoft brought a new category of devices. Surface Pro is not a tablet (in Apple iPad's sense) and it is not a laptop (in MacBook Air's sense). So there is no point in comparing it DIRECTLY to these devices and showing all the disadvantages.
Every device is a "compromise". When you're reviewing an iPad you don't give it a negative score just because it's not a laptop. When you're reviewing a MacBook Air, you don't complain about lack of digitizer and tablet mode.
So... when you judge a Surface Pro, remember that it is a HYBRID. A new category.
PS: Imagine a iPhone getting poor reviews due to lack of the physical keyboard...

What do you think, guys?