What No Compromise Is For Me

Microsoft really likes to throw the phrase "no compromises" around. The Surface Pro is very compromised IMO. It has poor battery, hard-to-use desktop software with touch, and it has poor hardware decisions like the Kickstand and the magnetic attachment of the pen.

I was originally going to get the Surface just to use its pen as a Wacom tablet, but I have decided to wait because I believe it has a lot of potential. This may be possible with Haswell, but more likely Broadwell in another year.

What is no compromise?

I think a no compromise tablet/laptop would be:

  • 7hr+ battery life in desktop mode, 10hr+ in metro
  • Thin and light to be less awkward as a tablet, at least .35" thick, and 1.5lbs.
  • A kickstand that is more flexible
  • 2560 x 1440p display, 1.8x system zoom, I can still see the pixels at 20" and that annoys me.
  • 256GB storage option
  • Better pen attachment option
That is just basic hardware. I would also need to see some changes like:
  • Better desktop support for hiDPI, it is really bad right now and needs to improve
  • an application that converts handwriting as you write
This is the product that I am waiting for. Do you think it is realistic in 1-2yrs? What are you waiting for?