Crazy iOS7 concept for the iPad

Hey everybody, so i had this crazy concept in mind for iOS 7 and i wanted to share it with you

This feature would be exclusive to the iPad, and i know it's weird, but it would actually make sense

So everybody is saying that iOS is "stale and boring" and even if i don't feel that way because i didn't use iOS since day one (i had an iPhone 4, a 4S, an iPad 2 and now i have the iPhone 5, iPad mini and the 3rd gen iPad) when i visit mycolorscreen, i do get a little jealous (even if i didn't have a great experience with android)

So here's my idea:

We all know that iOS needs to offer us a way to see information at a glance without opening an app, like widgets in android and live tiles in win8/win phone8, but my concept goes way beyond widgets.

So we all know there is more than 750k apps in the app store, and 300k apps for the iPad, and most of these iPad apps have iPhone versions, so why couldn't we use these iPhone apps on the homescreen, i mean there's no need to develop them since there's already 750k of them, and lots of iphone apps look awesome and minimalistic, like rise and today weather, and that would do way more than a widget and live tiles just show information and don't let us interact with them.

To keep them clean and not cluttered, there would be up to 4 "mini apps" on a homepage in protrait and the iPad mini would run only apps in 3:2 aspect ratio of the iPhone 4S and earlier so they don't become cluttered, and users would be able to rotate them with a gesture.

So that was my concept, don't expect from me a render since i suck at photo editing, but wouldn't that be awesome??