Surface Pro purchasers: First Impressions

There's a thread for pictures of the device, and a few first impressions posts for those who have gone and played with the devices, but I thought it might make sense to collect the first impressions here.For me personally, I've been using Windows Tablet PC devices for a while now, having had an HP TC1100, and a Dell Latitude XT and XT2.

I picked up my Surface Pro (128GB) yesterday afternoon, and I'm still getting my apps and everything set up currently. I've gotten all of my Metro applications set up like they are on my RT, and today I'll be working on getting more of the desktop stuff set up.

For the hardware though, the kickstand feels slightly different. Not bad, just different. If I close it slowly, there's a slight click halfway, which the RT doesn't do. The build quality is just as good as my RT based on first view. Weight as expected just isn't a problem for me, it's like half the weight of my XT2. The included pen isn't comfortable for me because of the clip. I hold the pen with the button against my thumb (in my right hand), and so the clip points down and presses against my hand. On top of that, it's very plasticy. My other Wacom pens work, so I'll probably use one or more of those. The DisplayPort connection feels tighter than the microHDMI of the Surface RT. Even just breathing on the microHDMI port could disconnect you. The DisplayPort connection feels secure. The fan has only revved up so far when playing a game on Steam for a bit. Mostly it's quieter than the ambient noise in my apartment though. The screen looks great, though I lowered scaling to 125% in IE and on the desktop. Things are a little small at 125% but still very much usable. It's really great to be able to use my 1440p display at its native resolution, too. After a short time of having it connected to my gaming computer for testing purposes, I moved it to my desk and old laptop, which could only put out a max of 1080p. The Surface Pro can of course easily handle 1440p via DisplayPort, and the 125% scaling is appropriate for both monitors for me, so the lack of being able to change it per-display doesn't bother me.

Speed-wise, it's flying. On the i5, not even the music app feels laggy. ;) My old computer, the XT2, was a Core 2 Duo, and was showing its age in some of the stuff I used it for. This should have no problem on that front.

I do keep forgetting it's more like a traditional PC. I keep closing the Type Cover and then forgetting that puts it into standby. The RT obviously stays connected and plays music and stuff if I do that. Since it is just a little bit more of a traditional PC, it would be nice if there was a small LED on the power button. Nothing bright, but something like the charger LED where you can only see it if you're looking for it.

I kind of forgot how nice it is using an x86 PC all the time though, for a while I was using my Surface RT as my main device... even just having the Skydrive desktop app to sync files locally is huge.

I haven't tried Photoshop or anything, but I'm not really an artist so pressure sensitivity there is a 'nice-to-have' and not a must-have, honestly. Obviously it works great for pressure sensitivity in anything that uses the Microsoft API though.

I have had the 'Limited Connectivity' bug pop up a few times on my 802.11n network, just like the RT does, so here's hoping when Microsoft fixes it for the RT, they also fix it for the Pro. Oh, and mine shipped with outdated Intel HD4000 drivers, so I'd suggest checking that out if you have one too.

On an unrelated note, it'd be really amazing if The Verge would fix WYSIWYG forum posting, which has been broken for IE since the beginning.