Surface Pro Owners: Request for 2 Tests - Photoshop and Battlefield 3

Surface Pro owners:

Hoping to see if anyone is able to accomplish two specific tasks I've been unable to so far on my Surface Pro.

1. Photoshop Pressure Sensitivity

The first is using the pen pressure sensitivity in Photoshop. You can turn on sensitivity in Photoshop by selecting brush tool (B) hitting F5 for the Brushes palette, selecting shape dynamics, and changing diameter to work based on Pen Pressure. I'm getting an error when attempting to use this as shown below. Brush size (or other attributes) are therefore not responding to pressure levels:



2. Battlefield 3

I simply can't get the game to launch. When attempting to launch this (or other games via Origin actually) I'm getting the error "This game will not run in a virtual environment. Please use your main Windows environment to play." I'm not expecting crazy performance for the game, but I don't see why it wouldn't launch. Screenshot of this error:



Anybody have any luck with either of the above?