Surface Pro will be killed by ads


Am I the only one who thinks that Microsoft is killing their products with the ads they show. I just saw the Surface Pro ad and they have the same dancers again. How can you sell your device without saying anything. Say that the device can run all your real apps and tablet-y apps. Say that you have a 1080p screen and a great pen for drawing and notes. Say that you can have both a real work device and a tablet in a balanced package...... not a bunch of dancing people, you're not selling anything!

I don't know, I love what Microsoft is doing, I love Windows 8, but I'm also neutral and realistic, these ads will make the product fail because they are not presenting anything at all. They are not in a position to just make cute ads like Apple, they don't need to convince anyone anymore; Microsoft has to.

I'm not going to buy the Surface Pro because I can dance with it, I'm going to buy it because it can run my desktop apps and offer me a touch experience. (I'm not actually buying it, I have a Dell XPS 12)

Just a thought.