Nexus 2 Concept (Google's Counter to iWatch?) [Update 2]




A watch should do immediate and quick actions

A watch should have all week battery life.

A watch should be very simple, requiring no more than 3 taps to do something.

How this fulfills the principles

All taps can be replaced with swipes that pass through the icon.

The clock is always there. No taps required. Tap on the clock for alarms. Tap on the weather, date, or overflow symbols to get week weather, calendar, and settings.

Notifications are accessible with one tap and are grouped by app so they may be expandable.

Some notifications are actionable. Swipe to dismiss. Texts/emails have reply, mark as read, and delete.

Notifications automatically pop up full screen for 7 seconds. One tap can dismiss, reply, delete, etc. immediately.

This doubles as a bluetooth headset on speaker phone. Calls can be answered with one tap.

Voice search, and Google Now are accessible with one tap.

The OLED screen will preserve battery life as the interface is mostly dark grey to black.


Cortex A7 with 256MB of RAM should be plenty. It also keeps costs down below $100.


Simplified icon arrangement

Music controls

OLED capacitive screen

Swipe navigation