As Technology Culture and Culture Culture Merge, The Verge Will Struggle To Address Political/Controversial Issues

The title pretty much sums up my thought here As technology culture and culture culture merge, The Verge will struggle to address political / controversial Issues.

While there are plenty of divisive topics in tech culture, the political issues that will inevitably be covered on The Verge as tech culture and culture culture merge are the sort of things that will be difficult for the editorial team to address.

We've seen it a few times already - from editing out the abortion tangent in a podcast to writers disagreeing on fundamental political philosophy in the comments of articles - there's already been both censorship and healthy discussion.

I don't think it's impossible by any stretch, and the team at The Verge is one of the most capable, powerful sets of people in the industry, but as the two cultures merge, the controversial political issues that play a huge role in shaping our culture will need to be addressed in such a manner that maintains the ethical integrity of the site without losing half your readers/subscribers (or maybe even Verge team members) because The Verge officially decides takes one side or the other on these issues.