Next batch of Surface Pro to MS Store, Best Buy, etc?

When do you guys think the next batch of Surface Pro will arrive to the retail stores in the U.S.?

I am seeing a lot of speculation that Microsoft intentionally shipped a low number because they either feared low sales numbers or they wanted to create hype that it "sold out" on launch day. If it's the latter, they should be getting them pretty soon, right?

Also, I noticed that you can still order the 64 GB version on the MS Store online. Not sure if anybody has tried and gotten a shipping date. Best Buy's website has both versions available to buy but I don't see a shipping option or store pickup option available. That's really weird. Is this a sign that MS store and Best Buy know that more Surface Pro are on their way from manufacturers in China?

I would like to really buy one within the next couple weeks since I missed the launch day rush.