Why Call of Duty is the worst technical FPS series ever

So every year, Activision releases publishes a new Call of Duty game and you buy it. They promise or hint the game will be better than the last one each year by getting your friends excited about a short trailer. You find yourself at a Gamestop in November purchasing the game and play the crap out of it online for one month. You begin to realize that the game has some serious issues, luckily enough for you there is a community on Twitter hellbent on voicing their irrelevant opinion on which feature in game that needs tuning to developers.

Fast forward two weeks later, people discover the real issue behind the game series. The real problem behind this game and past CoD is broken cameras. You're probably wondering what I'm going on about, so here is a little brief video that you can narrate yourself in your head with the help of Troy Mcclure.


As you can see, each client are both not remotely synchronized even on LAN. People have actually gone into other Call of Duty games like Call of Duty 4 and MW2 and measured the camera lag in those games to compare to the latest Call of Duty Games. MW2 actually had the least amount of camera lag out of all the recent games that have been released. That just goes to show you that they don't care about having a respectable game and would rather have an unfinished product released on a timely fashion.

To have such lag featured in a game client is absurd and unforgivable for any first person shooter series. It is funny though, people insist there is "Lag Compensation" in the game and developers have been adjusting it every series to make the consumer stop bitching about it, while the lag in the game client is the real issue. It is kinda ironic though, it makes me laugh that a four year old game from the same company has a superior client with less lag.

So let's get down to the point,

Why haven't they adjusted to standards or even try to make an attempt to make the latency equal or lower to Modern Warfare 2? Is it the aging console hardware? The developers of the series refuse to even acknowledge the issue. What do you guys think, is this acceptable by any means?