Windows Store Apps Submissions slowing down, who's to blame?

I've been noticing this since about 4 weeks ago and how PC World has also reported on the issue link It seems like there has been little to none notable new app addition in this period of time with a few exception like the excellent Skulls of the Shogun.

Something else I've noticed is that there also very little success stories from developers, and apps like Angry Birds StarWars continue to receive miles better support on Android and iOS that they do on the Windows Store.

This to me spells very bad news for Microsoft, not only because one of its towering strengths used to be developers relationship and support. I mean, they have things to help developers build great apps like Visual Studio, training material,Channel 9, a developer specific site with videos, forum, shows and many other good stuff, however, apps are not materializing.

I think the biggest issue with the current apps situation of the Windows Store, is the store itself, I think that everyone would agree on that it is competing neck to neck with the Music app on the worst Windows 8 apps which is pretty sad... App discovery is bad, it is very slow on either Windows 8 pro or RT and the stability of the app itself is pretty poor. On top of that Microsoft allows people to post pretty terrible apps that seems to come out of training sessions more than anything else, not that it does not happens on Android or iOS but the this situation is pretty severe on the Windows store, and while that may serve to increase the app count, customers end up with a bad perception of the store.

So 100 million downloads the first three months, I wonder how many of them where Windows 8 Bing app updates...