Surface Pro cannot be used in your lap...but so what?

Listening to the Verge podcast and review of the Surface Pro, one could think that the Surface design and form factor is fundamentally broken. Guys on the last week's podcast especially seem to really hit that point over and over. The conclusion I got from the podcast was that it's a good device but form factor is completely flawed...

After getting one last weekend and using it for a few days I can confirm that this really can not be used in a lap. It just isn't sturdy enough or comfortable to be used in a lap like a laptop for a long period of time. However every other scenario I can think of works just fine. Using the Surface while traveling on a plane or passenger train works as they tend to provide tables for their passengers. Using it at work or in board meetings works as well as long as you have a desk to sit at. Using it at Starbucks works... Basically, anywhere you'd want to dig in and spend an hour or two working on something you should be able to use a Surface.

So I struggle to comprehend why one incompatible use case makes a device fundamentally broken. Overall looking at general population, a very small number of professions need you to work with a laptop in your lap... I get that some people may need this use case and those people shouldn't use a Surface. I also get that news reporters and tech journalists are one group of people that needs to be able to use a laptop in their lap, and they are writing these reviews.