Plex / Plex-pass / Plexsync



As anyone who's read my comments probably knows, i'm a huge fan of Plex, a video streaming software available for tons of platforms, that allows you to centralize your media one volume, and stream it out to TV's / Laptops / Roku's / iOS / Android / WP devices.

I have a server almost entirely setup for my media, however, I'm having doubts about the future of Plex, and i wanted to see what (if anything) the verge community thought of some of the more recent changes, and the direction of plex as a whole.

Keep in mind, plex is more or less a fork of XBMC, with tons of features added in. It does transcoding on the fly, supports all media formats, subtitles, multiple languages etc.

In the last year, they introduced a new plan called Plex Pass. Plex Pass was supposed to be specifically for early adopters. People who wanted bleeding edge features; and it started with what i thought at the time was a big one (in reality i haven't since ended up using it much) which was the webclient for Plex users (as seen below) And was available for a monthly access fee of $3.99/month $29/year or (for a limited time) $75/lifetime



The web client is great, especially for casual viewing from work etc, where you don't want the desktop plex app thinking you want a couch-based fullscreen, keyboard / remote driven interface experience. It was also used as the first real reason you would want a plex pass. Then Plex sync came along.

Plex Sync

Plex sync is a feature (currently available to plex pass holders on iOS only) is a offline viewing mode created for simplicity. Want a video? from any channel to be available for that subway ride / flight? Plex will automatically transcode the video specifically for your device (space and time saving) and download it.

It sounds like it would save me a ton of time, and it would let me utilize offline video in such a better manner (especially with my setup) however, when this feature was first announced in this blog post by elan it was announced that while plex pass users would be able to access the feature during the trial / beta periods, it would be a separate pay for service once it left beta, which left me and other's who were on the verge of purchasing a plex pass confused.

If the future is just adding revenue streams per feature, then obviously, a ton of us are going to be very disappointed. While i don't mind paying people for their work, the price of admission to plex isn't free to begin with (the plex apps for iOS and Android which many, like myself will have to buy both) are $5 a pop, and it was at this point where i really started to worry about plex's direction.

In a subsequent blog post, Elan updated this policy:

However, after reading all of your comments, and reevaluating, we've decided to make things even simpler: Raise your glass of eggnog, because if you have a PlexPass, it'll get you access to all premium features, from the beta stage onwards, and there will be no separate premium subscription. So PlexSync is yours to keep, and we certainly hope you're getting good use out of it in this busy holiday season!

Currently i'm teetering on if i should get a plex pass or not. I would love the plex sync feature, but i'm not entirely confident in their current direction, despite their listening to forum members, i'm skeptical.

So what do you think? Am i an asshole for not just ponying up 3 drinks worth's of money to hard working dev's (part of me thinks this too, i won't be offended) or do you think Plex's asking to much (especially since it's based on the always free XBMC)

I can't decide.