The Verge is considering a monthly or quarterly print magazine

It seems The Verge is considering a monthly or quarterly magazine, either physical or digital. Here's the link to read more.

My opinions: if this happened, it'd be awesome. Our family currently subscribes to TIME magazine, and I love sitting down and reading it, when I have time. Still loads of content I haven't read. It's like one giant Instapaper or Pocket queue. Since I fail at reading long articles on a digital, tablet or phone display (or on a computer), I often save them to my Kindle or Instapaper to read later. If The Verge did do a physical magazine (or digital), it'd be genuinely happy.

I'd like it to be the same as Offscreen Magazine: you subscribe to it, or buy individual copies, and they send them/it to you, anywhere in the world. I think it goes without saying that any media from The Verge/Vox will be at the tip of design in its category.

If Josh is reading this, I really want this to happen. A quarterly physical magazine, mailed out to subscribers across the world, with The Verge's best long-form content and that quarter's best or most important news.

It'd be a massive hit.