idea for a win8/rt personalisation app

I have spent some (probably a little too much) time rearranging the tiles on my start Screen, and finally decided to arrange them not by category but by colour. That way I get an esthetically pleasing start Screen, and I found that the easiest way to find an app youre looking for is by looking for the tile colour. So I came up with this:



As you can see I arranged them diagonally by colour. There are many other Patterns of course - vertical, horizontal, by brightness, ...

Since the start Screen is automatically arranged in Groups of 2x3, arranging them the way I did was really hard...

So my idea: an app, which does the arranging for you - or at least gives you an instruction on in what order to place your tiles to get a certain pattern.

I dont know anything about developing, so I'm not sure if that Kind of app is possible, but I think it would be a nice idea.