Surface Pro: Passing this time around

I purchased the Surface RT on day one. As an iPad user I really wanted Office on the go and I found the third party Office knock offs and the iPad version of Onenote to be huge compromises.

I have been happily using my RT for months now and it mostly did what I needed of it with the exception of Mail. I really wanted Outlook. I just have never gotten used to the mail/cal/people apps. I want what I use in the office wherever I am. (I spend half my day or more out of the office)

I had always planned to get the Pro when it was available, however I have been able to use various Atom based Tablets in the last few weeks that led me to buying an HP Envy X2 with the intention of using it for a few weeks and returning/handing it off to another when the Pro came out. What I have is that the Atom does a fine job of running W8 with multiple apps open and the battery lasts all day. Still none of them, not even the Envy (IMHO the best non Surface build quality by far)are as good a form factor as the Surface and I had every intention of buying the Surface Pro.

While I was unable to get a 128G unit I was able to get my hands on a 64G unit. (30ish G free, plenty). Speed was great, weight is coming from RT a little crushing but I imagine I would get used to it. (I got used to my Lumia 920 after all).

What leads me to the post title however is the battery life. I simply cannot use the device the way I would need to. I started the day at 8Am. Power set to balanced I opened Outlook, Metrotwit, Onenote and the browser. I then proceeded to open and work on a word document, opened a few PDF's here and there and edited one Excel document. I purposely ignored the battery indicator throughout the morning. At 11:30 I closed the Surface with everything running just as I would with my RT or Envy and left it there for an hour while out to lunch.

Returning from lunch I woke the surface and took my first look at the battery: 11%

I want a Surface Pro, but this device simply will not allow me to work the way I need to. Today I was in the office, I had the option of using another tablet or my desktop for the afternoon. On a normal site visit I would be dead in the water or looking for a power outlet and the way I work that's not always an option.

As a day one Surface RT user and a new Surface Pro owner I am afraid there is a hole in the Surface product line: X86 and all day battery. None of the partners offer a device as well made as the Surface line but this Pro is going back. I hope that we eventually see an Atom Surface so we have the best of all worlds.